How we work

Step 1

Consumers request roadside assistance through our app, specifying their pickup location and destination service.

Step 2

The app sends the request to nearby truck drivers.

Step 3

Once a truck driver accepts the request, the consumer gets a notification of the driver's name, photo, vehicle, and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Step 4

The truck driver picks up the vehicle and transports it to their destination.

Step 5

Payments are made through our app, using the consumer's credit card information that is securely stored on file.

Step 6

At the end of the job, the fare is calculated based on the miles traveled and any other applicable fees, such as peak hour pricing or tolls.

Step 7

Consumers can rate the truck driver and provide feedback on their experience.

Good to know

We will also offer other services such as gas, jumpstarts, flat tires, and more, which will allow consumers to get a full-service package.